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Harry Potter's Wedding

I love a good themed party and as we move further away from a traditional wedding, quirky venues and themes are popping up left right and platform nine and three quarters. So I'm looking to get involved in your day and willing to offer a £100 off your full days coverage for a themed Harry Potter wedding! Now when I say themed I mean the full magical experience, the costumes, the decorations and all the quirkiness involved, I'll even join the party dressed up to match.

Now for those with the bug you could have your wedding set at North Shire that has its own life size replica Hagrid's Hut, hey maybe you could even tie the knot in his doorway?

I've had the pleasure of seeing these, staying in and enjoying the magic and it really is just that, it's an experience like no other, imagine watching a Harry Potter film from Hagrid's own chair whilst tucking into on of Hagrid's Rock Cakes, sounds good right? Well so does the amazing copper bath that you could be soaking in whilst listening to nature and sipping on a Butter Beer.

Do I have your wands sparking, best check out the website, mention "djmphotography" and you may get a chocolate wand to cast up a spell. /

It's certainly a unique fun way to capture the day is it not?

Full Day Packages:

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