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Emotional Hospital Wedding

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

This month was an emotional one, not because it’s Christmas but because we were invited down to London to escort and attend a very special wedding.

Darren and Lauren were both born with cystic fibrosis and met through the Royal Brompton Hospital, in 2016 after a double lung transplant Darren decided to propose to the love of his life and his best friend.

Whilst the pair have been together they have continued to support each other, attending appointments together, raising their dog Princess.

Unfortunately, Darren’s body has rejected his new lungs, and he was given the devastating news that he only had 6 months to live.

The decision was made to bring the wedding forward and a GoFundMe plea was created to help the pair fulfil a dream, a dream we wanted to fully support. We found out that Darren was a mechanic and pure petrol head so we offered our services assisting and lighting the way on his big day, needless to say the pair jumped at the chance.

For us it was a pure pleasure, we contacted Tesla Owners UK and they offered a beautiful white Tesla Model X car to assist on the day through White.Car

We also invited our own wedding photographer to capture the day from a different viewpoint, collecting the bride, capturing the hearts of the nurses, the journey and Darren and Lauren playing LAPD officers with his and hers weapons of choice.

It’s never easy to approach a day like this one, but after meeting Darren you realise he has fulfilled his dream. To find your soulmate is the greatest feeling, that one person who just gets you, who knows how you tick, knows how to make you laugh and ultimately will love you unconditionally, Darren has found that with Lauren.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your day

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