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Champagne Drinking Cow Hide

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Wedding books for many years have been a traditional way to showcase your day, creating a book filled with a selection of your favourite images and presenting them to close friends and families was always a nice touch. But in the modern world a book that can cost £300 and more is really an expense that no one needs, especially when you could use it towards your honeymoon and let's be honest most books end up in a drawer or on top of a cupboard.

Now having worked in the media and publishing industry for many years I started to wonder how some photographers get away with charging silly money for a book? So I attend the annual photography and wedding show at the Birmingham NEC every year and make a point of looking at these books, now don't get me wrong a cover made from tweed or leather from an Italian cow that sips champagne and enjoys strawberries is certainly a desirable look, but once you turn that page to view the content, then really what use is a champagne drinking cow hide?

So I looked a little further into it, looking at the actual print, the shine, the feel and the thickness of the pages, the things you probably care little about. Now I've used Jessops for most of my prints for a while now, they never fail to deliver, if there are ever any issues they are resolved and as they are a pretty big company they can afford to offer great sale discounts, so I decided to try out their "Premium Layflat Photo Book" which retail for around £70 they come with a hardcover and I ordered the matte photo finish, it took around 2 weeks to deliver and I can honestly say these are as good if not better than many of their competitors. Ok the cover doesn't smell of champagne leather or tweed from the scottish highlands, but after a month on a wardrobe non will.

What it has done is deliver a high quality product, I have since used this several times at wedding fairs and shown it to clients who were very impressed,what's more it so easy to put together, if I hadn't been sipping my Moet I would have it together in 20 minutes.

I will also add I actually picked mine up with 40% off in the sales, which is a huge bonus, and means you can go all out and treat yourself to a bottle of prosecco lol

Now let me show you what I had made and I must point out in no way am I trying to sell you this, this is so easy you can do it yourself, obviously if you're a client I'll certainly help you. But it's worth doing your research sometimes and not just settling for what everyone is saying to do or you need, remember it's your day.

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